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12ª Conferência Internacional de História Urbana. Lisboa, 2014

Publicado: Sexta, 19 de Setembro de 2014, 19h47 | Última atualização em Terça, 22 de Mai de 2018, 14h00

 Estão abertas as incrições para apresentação de trabalhos na Conferência de História Urbana que se realizará em 2014. Já se encontram estabelecidas as sessões com as respectivas ementas:

M01. Land Ownership, Power and Agency in Urban History

M02. The Senses and Urban Public Space

M03. Feeding the City – Urban Agriculture and Food Trade

M04. Imagining the City: Virtual Heritage Visualisation and Historical Research

M05. Building Regulations and Urban Form: From Twelfth to Early-Nineteenth Century

M06. Urban Sanitation Before the Sanitary Revolution (Middle Ages-Early 19th Century)

M07 Urban Ideologies and Political Conflict (12th-18th Centuries)

M08. Charity, Poor Relief and the Sense of Community, ca. 1200-1900

M09. The Uses of Justice in Cities: a Comparative and Global Approach, 1300-1800

M10. Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance in European Cities (Med/EM)

M11. The Court and Urban Sociability in Europe, c. 1400-1917

M12. Sacred Spaces, Material Culture and Social Change in Western Europe (13th-17th Centuries)

M13. Studying Urban Communities in Pre-Modern Europe: Connecting Theories and Methodologies

M14. A Comparative History of Urban Neighbourhoods in the Western City (12th-16th centuries)

M15. Beyond Guilds: Work and Manufactures in the European Cities, 14th-18th centuries

M16. Quand villes et forêts s’entrelacent. Lectures environnementales et dialectiques des relations entre sociétés urbain et ressources forestières

M17. Imagined and Imagining Cities: Conquest and Appropriation of Unknown Worlds (1400-1850)

M18. Between the Iberian Peninsula and America: Agents of Urban Creation, Practices and Discourses, Time and Protagonists

M19. Beyond the Grand Tour: Metropolises of the North in Early Modern Travel Culture

M20. Of the Sound or the Sick? The Historical Role of Spa and Coastal Resort Towns in the Modern and Early Modern Periods

M21. Before the Assembly Lines: Materiality, Home and the Urban Consumer in Nineteenth-Century Europe and Beyond

M22. The Urban Economy: Networks, Flows and Place

M23. Municipalising or Privatising? Urban Services in Comparative Perspective (18th-21st Centuries)

M24. Crossings and Crossers: Experts, Institutions and Networks under the Transnational Municipal Turn

M25. Urban “Wastelands”: Patterns of Emergence and Appropriation

M26. Cities – Environment – Sustainability

M27. Border Cities in Europe, Asia and America

M28. At the Edge of the Atlantic World: Port Cities and Transcultural Change, 19th-21st centuries

M29. Convent Confiscation and Disposal, and its Role in Urban Change

M30. Ubiquitous yet Unique: Green Spaces in Cities from the 18th Century to the Present

M31. The Role of Green Spaces for People in Shrinking and Growing Cities

M32. Urban Health Systems Before Welfare States – European Cities Since 1800

M33. Cities and Overseas Migration in the Long Nineteenth Century

M34. The Administration of «Informal» Neighbourhoods in the World (19th-21st Centuries)

M35. Small Towns in Europe and Beyond: 20th-21st Century

M36. Having Faith in the City: Religion and Urban Expertise in the Twentieth Century

M37. Planting New Towns in Europe in the Interwar Period: Politics, Practitioners and People

M38. Iron Curtain Cities? Urban Space in Cold War Europe

M39. Disaster and Rebuilding in Modern Port Cities

M40. Industrial Cities from the 19th and 20th Centuries and Heritage Conservation

M41. Use of History in the Making of Urban Heritage

S01. Weak Signals - Early Signs of Forthcoming Urban Changes

S02. Nested Worlds: Owners, Main Tenants and Subtenants

S03. The Urban Role of Religious Houses in a Globalised and Comparative Perspective

S04. The Myth of Troy in the Urban Imagery of Europe: from the Middle Ages to the Present Day

S05. The Urban Towerscape: The Power of Towers in Medieval and Early Modern Urban Society

S06. Sex and the City: Morality, Law and Sexual Behaviour in the Pre-Modern City

S07. Healthscaping Premodern Urban Communities

S08. L'eau dans la vie quotidienne des villes europeennes (XIVe-XVIe siècles)

S09. Foreigners in Lisbon: Collaboration vs Competition in the Context of the Portuguese Empire, 1400-1700

S10. Archives, Architecture and Antiquarianism: New Approaches to Historical Memory in Renaissance Cities

S11. Cities Without Maps: Reconstructing Early Urban Morphologies and Appropriations of Space in Portuguese Colonial Cities

S12. City Lights (17th-21st Centuries). Persistence and Change in Urban Lighting Technologies and Night-Time Practices

S13. Patterns of Crime and Gender in an Urban Setting ca 1700-1900

S14. Port Cities: Comparative Perspectives on Urban Stability and Public Safety (18th-21st centuries)

S15. Passports as Entry Tickets? Urban Migrants and their Identity Documents in the Long Nineteenth Century

S16. Gateways of Disease. Public Health in European and Asian Port Cities at the Birth of the Modern world

S17. Urban Infrastructure and Civic Identities

S18. The City as a “Factory Yard”

S19. Meat and the City: Spaces and Social Practices, 1750-1940

S20. Transformation of Peripheral Cities Into Capitals: Experience of the Ural-Caspian Region (XVIII-XXI Centuries)

S21. Port-Cities in West Africa (XIXth-XXIst centuries)

S22. A Multitude of 'In-Betweens' in African Urban Spaces

S23. "Paris of the ...": Negotiating the Parisian Urban Model in Eastern European and Latin American Cities, 1850-1930

S24. Paper Cities: Urban Portraits in Photographic Books

S25. City Screens: The Co-evolution of International Film Festivals and (Creative?) Cities

S26. Urban Design for Mussolini, Stalin, Salazar, Hitler and Franco During the Interwar Period

S27. Spatial Contention, Spatial Claims and the Making of Trans-Local Social Movements After 1989

S28. Managing Change in Historic Settlements

S29. The Politics of Urban Heritage in the Mediterranean under Colonial Rule

S30. When UNESCO Comes to Town: World Heritage Cities in Historical Perspectives

RT1. Urban Agency: Debating the Aims and Limits of Urban History

RT2. Student Perspectives on Urban History 


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